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Doggy Day Care

We offer a day care service for your dog. Between the hours of 10.00 hrs to 1600hrs we will walk and play with your dog, writing up an individually tailored support plan for their needs.

You may want to drop off your dog before 10.00hrs and collect after 16.00 hrs, this can easily be arranged with our staffing team.

Doggy Day Care spaces are limited please ask staff for details.


Boarding Costs

Small Dogs £9.00 per night example Toy Poodle, Jack Russell
Medium Dogs £10.00 per night example Springer Spaniel, Beagle
Large & Giant Breeds £11.00 per night example Labrador, Retriever, Husky

Dogs can be boarded together at owners request but a signed contract of agreement giving permission to do so must be completed prior to boarding.
A small discount for sharing will be applied.

Pet Taxi

To take the stress out of your holiday we offer a pickup and delivery service. Please ask staff for prices they will be happy to help.