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Full groom

Includes bath and blow-dry anal gland cleaning, nails trimmed ear cleaning and a coats cut to the owners wishes.

Bath and blow-dry

Includes bath and blow-dry nails trimmed and ear cleaning.

Undercoat removal

Removes under coat (any lose hair) from short haired dogs or dogs such as border collies etc...

Mini treatments

  • Nail trim
  • Face trim
  • Face,Nail,Paws
Puppies first groom As grooming will be a necessity in your dog’s life, it is important to make it a positive experience and they can come to enjoy it as a regular event. The earlier your puppy experiences the sights, sounds and smells of the salon, the easier it will be! Your new furry babies FIRST GROOM includes a warm bath with gentle shampoo, blow dry and then soothed with warm air until fully dried, He or she will have its nail cut, pads of paws trimmed and if needed, His or her cute little face trimmed.



  • Play with your puppy’s feet and rub the pads and in-between each toe.
  • Open your puppy’s mouth and touch their teeth regularly, begin using finger brush as early as possible.
  • Start brushing your dog’s fur at an early age, making sure you brush every body part such as its tail and underside.


Nail Painting

Pet safe, Non toxic pooch polish is a perfect way to spice up your dogs look for any occasion OR to complete a beautiful groom.