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Welcome to Islwyn Boarding Kennels

Fully licensed dog kennels and cattery, modern facilities based near Newbridge, Blackwood offering an exceptional standard of care.

At Islwyn Boarding Kennels we believe that your dog needs mental stimulation as well as the fundamental care package we offer.

We are a fully licensed dog kennels and cattery based near Newbridge, Blackwood, offering modern facilities with an exceptional standard of care.

In addition to your four legged friends, we can also accommodate other small pets.
We understand that leaving your beloved pets for even a short period can sometimes be difficult, (we are only human after all) but here at Islwyn Boarding Kennels we want to reassure you that the welfare and happiness of your pet really is at the heart of everything we do.

It is imperative to us that your pet has the best stay possible and so we ensure comfort and mental stimulation are fundamental elements within our care package. We believe that any time spent away from home should be as stress free as possible for your pet and we make a conscious effort to reduce any anxiety they may have.

We treat each animal visitor as an individual, providing them with the consistency and routine they need to settle in as well as allowing them fun and freedom during their stay. With your consent we will also carry out functional and recreational walks as part of your pet’s daily routine.
We feel the sheer commitment and compassion shown by all members our team play a vital role in the quality of your pets stay.

If your pet has a particular preference for their food from home or has an acquired taste please feel free to bring this in with you and we will ensure that your pet sticks to their usual diet (alternatively we will feed all dogs with our dry dog food). This also applies to any favoured toys or belongings they particularly enjoy, if you feel these items will add comfort to their stay please feel free to bring them along too.

We also have an onsite grooming parlour, which means your pet can be treated to a groom upon their stay at the kennels. Not only does this mean they will greet you looking and smelling beautiful but grooming also aids their pets comfort and well-being. A clean pet is a happy pet as they say!
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